A Reminder Of Joy From A Glade Air Freshener

At the grocery store I work at, we do a weekly audit for the scan department: scanning 1000+ items to ensure the price tags are accurate. I enjoy doing this because I get to study how products are designed: graphics, colors, logos, and product descriptions. Graphic design, along with video design, is one of my love languages.

While I was working in the cleaning supplies aisle yesterday, one of the Glade air fresheners caught my eye… and my nose? Is that a thing?


Pure Vanilla Joy

“How nice,” I thought, as I picked it up, scanned it with my scan gun, double checked the price, and put it back in its place, but not before smelling it, of course. It smelled wonderful. My nose was definitely caught.

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An Update on “My Teaching Job (?!)”

Thank you everyone for your words of encouragement and congratulations on this post!

I ended up not starting on Friday since my application was still being processed. I’m waiting to hear back from the school. I’ll update when I’ve had my first day!

Jodi asked: What will your duties include? Will you work 1:1, w/ small groups, or in the classroom w/ the teacher?

As an AVID tutor, I will be an assistant to one of the AVID teachers and work with him all day through four class periods with students in grade levels 9-11.  I’ll only work one or two days a week and those days will be Tutorial Days; if second tutor is needed, the days he or she works will also be Tutorial Days. AVID provides many helpful tutoring and studying techniques for students, so that they can help each other and themselves: for example, students are taught that when helping a friend, to lead them to the answer with prodding questions instead of saying the answer outright.

I’ll be overseeing this process with the AVID teacher. Students bring in a few questions they had from their core classes (like a math concept that’s giving them trouble or an essay prompt they’re puzzling over), get into small groups according to the subject of their questions, and take turns explaining their question and receiving guidance and help from the tutor (the AVID teacher, me, a student in the group who feels confident with the question, or a combination). Students are encouraged to bring the textbooks and notes of the classes they have questions for extra resources.

Being an AVID graduate, it’s been fun to write about this process that’s so familiar to me! More to come!

My Teaching Job(?!)

I received a surprise blessing last week: I’m being hired by Manteo High School, my alma mater, to be an AVID tutor! The front office secretary left a message on my answering machine earlier this week to call back when I can and when I did, the principal asked me to come to the office. They said after the previous tutor said she couldn’t work this year, that I was their first choice to take her job. It’s kind of crazy and I’m worried that I’ll be really busy with two part-time jobs and being a full time student, but I told them my schedule and they seem flexible. I’ll be working Fridays through the whole school day with a previous AVID teacher of mine. Since I want to become an English teacher, it should be an eye-opener!

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Handwriting In Education

Pencils and Pens

Image from abcandj.com

(This was my senior graduation project paper. Click here to see my product!)

In all the ways America has changed over the last century, schools are among what have changed the most. Some change has been for the better; some has not. For better or worse, this is mostly due to our nation’s increasingly modernizing culture. Students are not as ready for their futures after high school as they could be due to factors such as regression in their writing abilities.

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