My Teaching Job(?!)

I received a surprise blessing last week: I’m being hired by Manteo High School, my alma mater, to be an AVID tutor! The front office secretary left a message on my answering machine earlier this week to call back when I can and when I did, the principal asked me to come to the office. They said after the previous tutor said she couldn’t work this year, that I was their first choice to take her job. It’s kind of crazy and I’m worried that I’ll be really busy with two part-time jobs and being a full time student, but I told them my schedule and they seem flexible. I’ll be working Fridays through the whole school day with a previous AVID teacher of mine. Since I want to become an English teacher, it should be an eye-opener!

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Handwriting In Education

Pencils and Pens

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(This was my senior graduation project paper. Click here to see my product!)

In all the ways America has changed over the last century, schools are among what have changed the most. Some change has been for the better; some has not. For better or worse, this is mostly due to our nation’s increasingly modernizing culture. Students are not as ready for their futures after high school as they could be due to factors such as regression in their writing abilities.

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My First Author-ish Experience

I have an elective class called AVID, which helps students prepare for college. The teacher of that class is also an English teacher, the yearbook class teacher, and the SAT Preparation Course teacher. Apparently, the only student to sign up for the latter class was a girl named Abby, so they combined the SAT Preparation Course with the AVID class. Since she has already taken the SAT, she mostly works on the yearbook during fourth period, organizing pictures and writing articles.

One day this last December, she approached me about having an article in the yearbook about my book. I have told maybe a dozen people in school about it, so I guess by now, in my senior year, I’m pretty well known as a writer. With a flutter in my stomach, I accepted and Abby said that she would email me a list of interview questions for me to answer. It took an embarrassingly long time to finish (my internal editor was always proofreading it) but I finally got it to Abby last month. She pulled pieces of it to write up in an article, but here is the original interview. Enjoy!

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