About Sarah


My name is Sarah Smith.

I am a follower of Christ; a (pastor’s) daughter; a sister; a sister-in-law; an aunt of the cutest nephew and niece in the world; a cancer survivor of eleven years; a confident introvert; a sophomore in college; an inveterate writer; an ameteur videographer; a pretty good photographer; a learning graphic design artist; an insatiable editor of writing, video, and photos; an unquenchable reader; a ukulele lover; a grocery store scan analyst; a friend; a listener; a verbivore; a (hopefully) non-stereotypical teenager; an anglophile; a nerd; a thinker; a daydreamer; an optimist; a Jill-Of-Many-Trades, as it were.

And now a blogger. My primary use of this blog, so I think, is to sharpen my writing skills. “So I think” because it will probably be to sharpen my writing skills, but I will probably also use it to talk about everyday life. By no means is this to be a FaceBook or Twitter for me. Social networking sites are great and I use them, but this being a blog, I want it to go a bit more deeper.

I won’t use the rest of this About page to write every last detail about me; if I want to talk about an aspect of my personality in an entry, I’ll describe it there. What I will use the rest of this to do is talk about those closest to me. My mom, Becky, my dad, Steve, my brother, Nathan, my sister-in-law, Meagan, and my dog, Summer, will probably show up quite a bit in entries, along with friends and more distant family.

Another thing is I probably will not be posting daily; pretty much whenever inspiration strikes. Thanks for stopping by!


4 thoughts on “About Sarah

  1. Welcome to the blogging world, Sarah! I’ve read your mom’s blog since your transplant. From one writer to another, you are such an inspiration to me and I look forward to reading your entries!

  2. Hey Sarah :)
    I know this is probably really random (considering the fact that we never really talked much in high school) but I just wanted to let you know that i’ve always looked up to you. I have grown up in church my whole life but I was always a luke warm christian. During my 9th and 10th grade year I went through this period of deep depression and in a way I gave up on God. But I would be in school and see you and I could tell that you had something different about you. I knew that the difference in you was Christ and I began to want that same difference in my life. I was hungry for a realtionship with the Lord like I could see you had, so I began to change my ways. So, even though you may have never known this, you helped me get through a dark time in my life without even saying many words to me. I have always wanted to thank you but I am a super shy person so I didnt want to walk up to you in school and just throw this story on you. Haha. Anyway, thank you and God bless.

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