My First Author-ish Experience

I have an elective class called AVID, which helps students prepare for college. The teacher of that class is also an English teacher, the yearbook class teacher, and the SAT Preparation Course teacher. Apparently, the only student to sign up for the latter class was a girl named Abby, so they combined the SAT Preparation Course with the AVID class. Since she has already taken the SAT, she mostly works on the yearbook during fourth period, organizing pictures and writing articles.

One day this last December, she approached me about having an article in the yearbook about my book. I have told maybe a dozen people in school about it, so I guess by now, in my senior year, I’m pretty well known as a writer. With a flutter in my stomach, I accepted and Abby said that she would email me a list of interview questions for me to answer. It took an embarrassingly long time to finish (my internal editor was always proofreading it) but I finally got it to Abby last month. She pulled pieces of it to write up in an article, but here is the original interview. Enjoy!

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A Video!


I have been experimenting with the video editing program, Movie Studio Platinum, for about a year now. It’s been a slow process, but I’ve finally figured it out to some degree! Here’s a recent video I put together. Enjoy!


Lesley recently commented on a blog post of my mom’s and I’d like to answer a few questions she posed.

She said:

“Thank you for taking the time to post all those past photos. Such a miracle she is. Does she ever feel burdened with the thought that she has to do something ‘special’ because she was given the chance for a future, like she was given it for a reason? Or is she content to just be “Sarah”? Odd question, I know lol.”

First of all, it’s not an odd question at all. :)

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Hi-Ho, Hi-Ho, It’s Off To Florida We Go!

We are leaving for Florida as early as humanly possible tomorrow morning. My brother, Nathan, sister-in-law, Meagan, and soon-to-be-born Noah are at the end of a 13-hour trip.

In addition to the normal frenzy of packing, we were just informed yesterday morning that a pastor couple took up our offer of a free vacation for any nearby pastors or missionaries. As in, a free vacation at our house. As in, cleaning frenzy. I’d better get to that slightly daunting to-do list.


Phew. Everything on my to-do list is done and I am awaiting any last minute orders from the boss, aka Mom. Just finished packing about fifteen minutes ago. I got (more than) enough clothes into my two smallish suitcases. All of my entertainment for the trip (other than what goes on in my head, which is substantial) all fits in my computer case: my computer, a pair of earbuds, and my Nintendo 3DS system and game cartridges. “If you’re such the intrepid bookworm, then why are you not taking loads of books for such a long trip, Sarah?” you may ask. I am, fair reader! I have quite a lot of Kindle books and audio books all on my computer, so I’m pretty set in that regard. I love the feel of a physical book in my hands, but if it means space conservation on an daylong trip, I’m all for technology.

Also on my computer is:

  • My main story to write and proofread (mostly proofread)
  • Old and miscellaneous stories to read and edit
  • 1402 songs to listen to on iTunes (well, to shuffle through)
  • Videos to make, edit, and proofwatch (yes, I use that word)
  • Pictures to edit
  • Volume 1 of Adventures in Odyssey to listen though
  • 62 episodes of The Ceiling Fan Podcast to catch up on

It’ll be a long trip, but I’m excited for it and what all it will bring!

Word of the day: Maverick: an unbranded range animal; an independent individual who does not go along with a group or party

~Sarah Smith

Basics of Photography Week #2 – Black and White

This theme was to take pictures that would look good in black and white with a splash of color left over. For the next few weeks, I will continue to put the disclaimer of “These pictures were taken early last year. Back then, I had little to no practice in Photoshop, where we did all of our editing in class, and I was still figuring out the foreign language of cameras.”

But I’ve always liked B&W, so this was a fun assignment, as I remember. Care to read more? Click!