An Update on “My Teaching Job (?!)”

Thank you everyone for your words of encouragement and congratulations on this post!

I ended up not starting on Friday since my application was still being processed. I’m waiting to hear back from the school. I’ll update when I’ve had my first day!

Jodi asked: What will your duties include? Will you work 1:1, w/ small groups, or in the classroom w/ the teacher?

As an AVID tutor, I will be an assistant to one of the AVID teachers and work with him all day through four class periods with students in grade levels 9-11.  I’ll only work one or two days a week and those days will be Tutorial Days; if second tutor is needed, the days he or she works will also be Tutorial Days. AVID provides many helpful tutoring and studying techniques for students, so that they can help each other and themselves: for example, students are taught that when helping a friend, to lead them to the answer with prodding questions instead of saying the answer outright.

I’ll be overseeing this process with the AVID teacher. Students bring in a few questions they had from their core classes (like a math concept that’s giving them trouble or an essay prompt they’re puzzling over), get into small groups according to the subject of their questions, and take turns explaining their question and receiving guidance and help from the tutor (the AVID teacher, me, a student in the group who feels confident with the question, or a combination). Students are encouraged to bring the textbooks and notes of the classes they have questions for extra resources.

Being an AVID graduate, it’s been fun to write about this process that’s so familiar to me! More to come!


Hi-Ho, Hi-Ho, It’s Off To Florida We Go!

We are leaving for Florida as early as humanly possible tomorrow morning. My brother, Nathan, sister-in-law, Meagan, and soon-to-be-born Noah are at the end of a 13-hour trip.

In addition to the normal frenzy of packing, we were just informed yesterday morning that a pastor couple took up our offer of a free vacation for any nearby pastors or missionaries. As in, a free vacation at our house. As in, cleaning frenzy. I’d better get to that slightly daunting to-do list.


Phew. Everything on my to-do list is done and I am awaiting any last minute orders from the boss, aka Mom. Just finished packing about fifteen minutes ago. I got (more than) enough clothes into my two smallish suitcases. All of my entertainment for the trip (other than what goes on in my head, which is substantial) all fits in my computer case: my computer, a pair of earbuds, and my Nintendo 3DS system and game cartridges. “If you’re such the intrepid bookworm, then why are you not taking loads of books for such a long trip, Sarah?” you may ask. I am, fair reader! I have quite a lot of Kindle books and audio books all on my computer, so I’m pretty set in that regard. I love the feel of a physical book in my hands, but if it means space conservation on an daylong trip, I’m all for technology.

Also on my computer is:

  • My main story to write and proofread (mostly proofread)
  • Old and miscellaneous stories to read and edit
  • 1402 songs to listen to on iTunes (well, to shuffle through)
  • Videos to make, edit, and proofwatch (yes, I use that word)
  • Pictures to edit
  • Volume 1 of Adventures in Odyssey to listen though
  • 62 episodes of The Ceiling Fan Podcast to catch up on

It’ll be a long trip, but I’m excited for it and what all it will bring!

Word of the day: Maverick: an unbranded range animal; an independent individual who does not go along with a group or party

~Sarah Smith

My Tea Party Playlist

This is the music that intended to play at my tea party. It did not work out at the actual tea party, so it played during the small party on my actual birthday. This Spotify playlist is a mix of classic songs (such as “String of Pearls” by Glenn Miller), more modern songs (such as “Take Me Somewhere Nice” by Sky Sailing), and piano and strings covers of modern songs (such as “Sadie Hawkins Dance” by Relient K, covered by Vitamin String Quartet). It took at least an hour to compile, and probably another hour in editing the order, but I was eventually satified with it and deemed it ready to be shown to the public ear.

I hope you enjoy!


Word of the day: aborning

~Sarah Smith

Entries And Classes To Come.

Entries to come:

Fellowship of Christian Athletes Leadership Camp Part 2, in which I will share some of the notes I took that really opened my eyes on some things.

An entry in which I will share the first time I have ever been spiritually and emotionally uplifted by a swear word.

I am working tonight, but I have tomorrow and Wednesday off and therefore more time to write, so it is advised to be on the lookout for these two entries in that general period of time.

Classes to come:

Today I paid a visit to my school’s guidance office to finalize my junior year schedule. The first semester I will have AP Language, Digital Media, Geometry, AVID, and Physical Science, and in the second semester, Digital Media and Geometry will be swapped for Spanish II and Algebra II. Having taken Photograph I last year, I wanted to take Photography II, but I also wanted to sharpen my other abilities, so I requested Chorus as an elective instead of Photography II. However, the only time Chorus is held is Period 1, which conflicted with AP Language because it is also only in Period 1. Guess which class I want to take more? So, as my elective other than AVID, I am taking Digital Media, in which I will learn about video and audio and all of those wonderful things, so it wasn’t really too much of a loss, I suppose.

To get a glimpse of some of my current video and audio work, visit my mom’s blog tomorrow. I will also be posting some of my favorite pictures that I took in Photography I last year.

Pretty exciting stuff!

Word of the day: welkin: the sky or heaven

~Sarah Smith


My name is Sarah Smith and I am currently a sophomore but in eight days I will offically be a junior. I am way to stingent when it comes to spelling and grammar, as you can clearly see by my usage of the word “to” instead of “too.” I love writing and reading and spending time with family and my dog and my friends and by myself. I am an introvert, which is awesomeness. I like coookies, especially when the word is splled correctly, and especially especially when “spelled” is spelled correctly. That’s always fantastic.

The purpose of writing all of this is to see how many words I can type per minute: my wpm. Currently it is 60, but that’s bound to change any moment here. I am also doing this so that I can have a little blog post while I am writing the blog post about my new job at Pamlico Jack’s, which is currently (and slowly) under way.

According to yWriter (one of my writing softwears), my wpm peak was 90. I didn’t expect that, but it probably only got up that high when I was spelling badly and rambling.

Have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend!

Word of the day: troubadour

~Sarah Smith

It’s Funny How.

It’s funny how blogs don’t write themselves.

It’s funny how letter keys don’t push themselves down in an intelligent manner by themselves.

It’s funny how love, money and, eyes for eyes make the world go round and blind, respectively.

It’s funny how there’s a poem by the same name of this post that is written in the same format that I did not know about previous to writing the post.

It’s funny how long it’s taken to think of the above “it’s funny how”s.

It’s funny how it’s taking awhile to think of a topic for a longer, more thought-provoking or entertaining post.

It’s funny how short this post is.

Word of the day: conniption

~ Sarah Smith


Stuff And Things #1

Thanks to everyone who has come over to my blog so far and for all of the nice comments. The rest of my week up until Saturday afternoon is going to be a bit different from the norm – in a good way, as it will be spending a whole lot of time with one of my best friends in all the world, Taylor – ergo, I will probably not be able to get around to replying to everything you all have said right away.

By the way, any post that is titled “Stuff And Things” will mostly be just news flashes and whatnot, usually when I might not have time for a whole, thought-out, slaved-over post but I still want to share something. “Stuff And Things” posts will be the closest I will get to using this blog as a second FaceBook account.

Looking down at my word count (as of now, 151), I realize why I only have my Twitter account to follow Owl City’s amazing page. I couldn’t survive being confined to 140-characters per update. I mean, I do have some pretty great one-to-two liners, but I tend to ramble when I apply fingers to keys with a cursor blinking in front of me. Which is why I suppose I’m a writer in the first place.

Okay… so this is one of the few “Stuff And Things” post that will have an actual thought or piece of my mind along with it. Savor it. It won’t happen often.