Handwriting Survey Documentary

Here is the product of my Senior Project. I did a survey of what people thought of four samples of handwriting and made a documentary about it. I then discussed people’s opinions of handwriting versus typing.


Click here to read the essay I wrote on the topic.


7 thoughts on “Handwriting Survey Documentary

  1. Sarah,

    LOVED that! You have a very good voice for narration. And I also enjoyed the way you did the title–very creative. Of course, the closing line about Times New Roman was perfect. Proud of you for pulling of this project!

  2. What an interesting topic…Handwriting IS disappearing in favor of typing, which is sad There is more interest in various fonts available than whether or or not handwriting is legible. I have even heard that there is a debate regarding the teaching of cursive in school. Is it a waste of time, since all students are typing these days? Clearly, your project shows that there is much more to written communication than simply what the words say. Good job.

    • Lesley,

      After presenting my documentary to my class, I discussed a lot of what you are talking about, going from my research and my own opinions. Cursive is definitely dying and kids are learning how to type and use touch screens earlier and earlier. I love technology, but I’m an old curmudgeon when it comes to teaching kids without the use of pens and paper. As I said in my essay (which I’ll post soon!), learning via handwriting is far superior to typing.
      *end rant* :)
      Anyway, thank you very much!

    • Thank you, Lesley! I completely agree. It’s sad, but I kind of look forward to the day when my grandchildren will ask me to write in cursive while they watch, rapt. It’s a dying art, but at least it’s still considered an art.

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