A Reminder Of Joy From A Glade Air Freshener

At the grocery store I work at, we do a weekly audit for the scan department: scanning 1000+ items to ensure the price tags are accurate. I enjoy doing this because I get to study how products are designed: graphics, colors, logos, and product descriptions. Graphic design, along with video design, is one of my love languages.

While I was working in the cleaning supplies aisle yesterday, one of the Glade air fresheners caught my eye… and my nose? Is that a thing?


Pure Vanilla Joy

“How nice,” I thought, as I picked it up, scanned it with my scan gun, double checked the price, and put it back in its place, but not before smelling it, of course. It smelled wonderful. My nose was definitely caught.

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Lesley recently commented on a blog post of my mom’s and I’d like to answer a few questions she posed.

She said:

“Thank you for taking the time to post all those past photos. Such a miracle she is. Does she ever feel burdened with the thought that she has to do something ‘special’ because she was given the chance for a future, like she was given it for a reason? Or is she content to just be “Sarah”? Odd question, I know lol.”

First of all, it’s not an odd question at all. :)

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Just so you know, after *ahem* four months of silence, I do have an entry in the works. In fact, it’s almost done. I promise. And guess what? It features an infantile Giraffa camelopardalis. Snazzy, right?

That said…

Stay tuned.

Word of the day: preconcert: to arrange in advance or beforehand, as by a previous agreement

~Sarah Smith

Hot-Water Bottles, Headaches, And You.

A rude person can be like a headache.

A polite person can be like a one of those hot-water bottles that can be used to alleviate a headache.

A headache, like a rude person, is, unfortunately, always noticed and usually remembered.

The lack of a headache, like a polite person, also unfortunately, usually goes unnoticed and therefore unremembered.

Rudeness never helps anything. Politeness can go a long way. Just as there is no such thing as a cross between a headache and a hot-water bottle, as obvious as it may be, you can’t be both rude and polite. And unlike how a headache doesn’t choose to be a headache or a hot-water doesn’t choose to be a hot-water bottle, you do have a choice.

So choose today what you will be: a headache or a hot-water bottle in someone’s life. Being polite, you may not get the recognition as a nice person like someone who is rude might get the recognition as a disagreeable person, but you never hear hot-water bottles saying, “Golly, I wish someone would complain about me,” do you?

Word of the day: calliope

Photo credit: http://www.laughinghens.com/knitting-pattern-page.asp?patternpageid=3842

~Sarah Smith