Handwriting Survey!

Hey everyone! I need your opinions for a study that I doing on handwriting. Please take a look at these samples of handwriting and answer the following questions about one or more in an email to sharah353@gmail.com.


1. How old do you think these three different people were when these pieces were written?

2. What do you think the three people might have been like based on their handwriting?

3. Which one do you like the best? Why?

4. What are your thoughts on cursive handwriting and print handwriting?

5. Do you think that children should be taught both cursive and printing?

Thanks so much for your input!

PS: If you recognize any of these samples, please keep the secret to yourself. I don’t want the identities spoiling others’ opinions! :)

Sample A:




Sample B:



Sample C:



Sample D:



Your thoughts?

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